Anti-Climactic Final Final

I completed my last final earlier today at about 12ish and have since been reliving the days of unemployed/self-employed nothingness. With my newfound time to kill, I have added a few “hacks” or plugins to this blog, just to see how difficult it is to do. Yea, it’s not tough. A little uploading, a little configuring, and voila, we’ve got some recent links on our system.

A few things about blogs have changed since I created my own system for the days. Like, I’ve seen these things called TrackBacks and PingBacks, but I’m not really sure what they are all about quite yet. Time to do some basic checking around. It sounds pretty lame that I don’t know about those kinds of things, but creating your own business while going to school while getting married while working kind of takes up some free time. One thing I’d really like to add to this site is a photoblog. I’ve seen a few Plugins out there created for WordPress (WP), but I’m not super impressed yet. I think it’s just that they just aren’t built into the design too well (read: bad usability). I guess that would be something I could configure and redesign myself, but I’m kinda feeling good about being lazy right now. Sue me.

I’m also thinking about the categories I have for my posts. I guess this will evolve as time goes on and I post more, but the database designer in me is screaming “setup the infrastructure first!” If/when any people who actually know me show up, I wouldn’t mind some suggestions that coincide with my personality or typical thought process. Now, that’s not only lazy, but pretty selfish and conceited: asking someone else to think about what I might think about. Ah well, I’d probably ignore any suggestions anyway.

Oh, and yes, I will probably just keep the default look of my WP blog until I get really annoyed by it. The whole idea of this blog is to have a place to chit chat, not necessarily flex my CSS skilliage.

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2 Comments on "Anti-Climactic Final Final"

  1. Anonymous says:

    Geez, A non techie can barely find the spot to comment/question. Where did you find the word “skillage”? Have you ever read the book, “BoBos in Paradise”? By David Brooks. He might enjoy the term. Thanks. AnonÀ

  2. nate says:

    I don’t know where “skillage” came from, and no. I haven’t read that book. I’ll check it out though. Thanks for the tip.

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