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One final left in my entire school career. I say career because there’s a small possibility that Teresa and I will eventually head over to Germany since their schooling is free. That way we can go to school together, and for fun. I’d love to learn more German, or really, any other language.

As I begin my next stage in life… er wait… I’ve already been there. Let’s try again.

As I continue with the stage of life that was interrupted by 3 super-fun years and 1 really lame year of college, I think I’ll emphasize a few things I actually did learn while I was there.

  1. Even though an area has liberal freaks up to kazoo swarming, there really can be an underground church which can thrive (read CCF and the INN ministries). Now, even though I only went to the INN a few times and unfortunately never attended CCF even once while actually being a student, I have heard many people talk about these ministries and seen a ton of people at the INN. I’ve heard more Bible believing Christians in my classes here in college than I have in any other institution (besides church).
  2. There are two types of ways to compete in business. Either by price or by differentiation. That’s it.
  3. I learned about the world of PHP developing, which as served me wonderfully during my employment at CSWE and the financial aid department as “Web Developer 5”. A lofty title, I know. Trust me, I enjoyed it. In fact, I even asked if they had any non-work-study jobs available for an ex-Web Developer 5’er once I graduated. So far, it’s been a no go. But that’s ok. I’m still pulling for the business to kick up and start paying off.
  4. Gaining an encouraging and loving wife is a more valuable pre-graduation gift than any other graduation gift or diploma I could receive. That’s not saying I wouldn’t mind graduation gifts from anyone who would like to send them. I’m just complimenting God on his choice of a wife, when to have us meet, and how our relationship has progressed these past few years (even prior to being married). I’m also complimenting my wife for being who she is.
  5. Tapping your social network is a key to success in any business. I struggle with that to some extent.
  6. Friends are a key to success in laughing your butt off and perservering any stupid college degree you persue. (a.k.a. the apt222.com days).
Nate Ritter lives in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.), popularized the #hashtag and creates web applications for a living. He also does miles and point hacking to enable cheap travel for his family. More here →

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