Neighborly Neighbors

This evening we set out for a walk to get the blood flowing. We ended up walking about 100 feet and our neighbors called out to us to come visit them up in their yard. Their back yard faces our alley way and is a pretty steep hill, so we climbmed their recently made stairway and sat down in front of their “bon fire” (a.k.a. old bbq with some coals in it). We chatted about life, youth ministry (Chad is the youth pastor at Hillcrest Chapel) and (their) kids. We watched the sun set, ate cookies and talked about how they were remodeling their home and yard.

They are a fun and enthusiastic couple. Completely fun neighbors. I’m glad that we can feel at home in our little corner of the world and enjoy knowing at least some of our neighbors in our area. City life, although I wouldn’t trade it for the 5 acres most people want, does have its drawbacks sometimes of not being too sociable. Thank God we have found this family to enjoy sunsets with.

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