3 Cheers for Quality Image Uploads

For the past little while, our image uploading script was uploading some relatively shoddy images. Fortunately, we’ve found a script that resamples the image into bicubic, which does a much better job of clearing up a resized image. Just by chance, it also allows .gif and .png images to be uploaded. We haven’t really had any need to open up to those formats quite yet, but it’s nice to know the option is available to us for the future.

The first place we tried it out was at iAutoHaus Online (which will be public soon). Once it worked nicely there, we started using it at Perfect Space. Unfortunately, the old photos that stink are still within our clients’ directories, so we might take a day or two and reupload all those photos if/when we get any time in the next few days. That would be a job and half, so we’ll see how motivated I get.

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One Comment on "3 Cheers for Quality Image Uploads"

  1. zecco says:

    keep up the good work…thanks for the informative post

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