First Day Blues

Well, it’s official, I’ve sold out to the Man. I’ve gotten a (hopefully temporary) job that will bring in some money until Perfect Space will pay my bills for me.

Tomorrow I will start with orientation at 8am. Yes, it’s 12:14am here now and I’ve just had a few beers to start off my day. Actually, my wife is already asleep, and she’s going to a new job orientation tomorrow morning too. Maybe I should follow in her footsteps to the bed. But, I figured it’s a momentous occasion and it deserves a post in the ol’ blog. So, here it is. POST.

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2 Comments on "First Day Blues"

  1. aptrick says:

    Dude! Whats this about a J-O-B?
    No offense, but I hope it doesn’t last long and that PerfectSpace takes off like a bat outta hell… =)

  2. nate says:

    Yea, trust me man, I don’t want it either. But until the biz does take off, I’m stuck working for The Man. There are some benefits though, like cost+5% on anything in the store. Although, with that kind of discount, it’s hard to say that the paycheck will actually be used to pay the bills if ya get my drift.

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