IE and Crap

If you’re visiting this blog using IE, you probably noticed the navigation was thrown all the way to the bottom of the page (if you looked that far down). Since I use Mozilla’s Firefox as my default browser now, I forgot to check my modifications to this stylesheet in IE.

Anyway, I just fixed it, so you should see the calendar and rest of the navigation on the right. Now I’m going to upgrade IE and find out what breaks. Fun fun. And they say (whoever “they” is sure says a lot) the browser wars are over. Hah! I laugh, mock, and fart in your general direction.

Oh, and I’m going to change the name of this blog since I’m getting a lot of visitors from some other countries who really probably don’t care about me or this blog. I’m not that interesting, really. Apparently there’s some words out there in other languages that have “horf” embedded in them. Why am I surprised? Well cause horf means “throwing up” in English slang. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, because we shipped the Chevy Nova over to Africa, and in some areas over there, “Nova” means “crap”. Although the translation does actually turn out correct, I’m sure Chevy didn’t intend either the car or the name to really be remembered as crap.

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2 Comments on "IE and Crap"

  1. Chigozie says:

    Actually, nova means “It does not go” in Spanish (No va). It does not mean “crap” in any language – but a car that did not go would be pretty crap

  2. nate says:

    Thanks for correcting me. That just goes to show you that you shouldn’t trust my translations considering I’m mono-lingual at the moment. ;)

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