Ben Roethlisberger’s Blog

Ben Roethlisberger has a blog. Why not? Everyone else does. What makes this special? He’s a star athlete and he’s talking to his fans like their his family. He prays for them, writes them back on the comments they post, and generally creates an atmosphere where you feel like you’re sitting in his house chatting with him.

He tells everyone that he’ll be at a comedy place on a certain night, just to support his buddy. You know he probably influenced tons of people to go. What’s interesting about this is that he does the posts, not his PR/HR team. He does. Who knows why he does it. My guess is that with about 100 comments for every “The weather is nice” post, he has trouble keeping up, but it looks like he’s still trying. That’s amazing for a sports star to do that. I’m impressed.

Just like Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba say, “Roethlisberger proves that blogging works when it comes from the heart.”

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