Cliff House + Sunset + Whiskey Crab Soup = Mmmmmm

MoPhoblogging from my Treo 650 and SprintPCS PictureMail (Sprint Picture Mail)Add my beautiful wife to this equation and you have one great recipe. Everything is gorgeous tonight.

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2 Comments on "Cliff House + Sunset + Whiskey Crab Soup = Mmmmmm"

  1. Anonymous says:

    how do i get the recipe for the whiskey crab soup from the cliff house restaurant? can’t seem to understand your site…

  2. nate says:

    Sorry for the confusion. This is a personal site more or less. However, if you’re interested in the recipe, I’d suggest calling the Cliff House restaurant. Here’s a link that should help you find it along with it’s contact information, etc.

    The interesting thing is, I am working on a project that may help you find this recipe a little easier in the future. Please feel free to stay tuned and I’ll let people know when it’s ready.

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