Perfect Space RSS Feed and More to Come

Perfect Space just got a new RSS feed for all the properties on it. I know there’s not many right now, but hopefully we can change that in the next little while.

Last night and tonight I have been working on adding email notification to the service as well. I am considering just starting with a generic notification for any property that becomes available. However, shortly I will revise it to allow you to save your search or create preferences for your notification(s) so that you can get information on the properties you’re looking for.

What brought this about? Well, I’ve been reading a decent book (with a terrible cover) about website conversion (thanks to for the referral). I’m taking it more generally than the book is intended for, but it is making me think about the purpose of Perfect Space. I intended Perfect Space to be a place for renters to connect with the landlords and property managers who are renting in the area. I found it difficult to find the rentals available around town. I had to check 6 different websites that were only updated once a week, if that. As a renter myself, I want to help other renters to find those places easier. So, to help facilitate that, I will be adding the email notification to the site.

The reason I’m adding this notification is because I intend to go to the property managers in town who are not participating in using Perfect Space and say, “I have a good number of people who would like to know when a 3 bedroom, 1 bath place comes up for rent. Do you have any?” If they do, I’d like them to put the listing on Perfect Space, which will trigger the notification to those people and help the property managers and landlords rent their properties faster by connecting (through Perfect Space as a mediator) them with the renters who are interested in their places.

Now, please note that I hold the privacy of each individual’s email address (which will be the only personal thing I’ll be asking for) in highest confidence. I won’t be releasing, selling, renting, or otherwise giving those addresses out to the property managers or anyone else for that matter. They will solely be used for what you, the renter, want – notification of new properties available from Perfect Space. Nothing else. There will be an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every notification, and on the welcome email that will be sent out after subscribing to the service. You can have your email address removed any time.

But, the benefits of this will be two-fold.

  1. The renters will get immediate notification of any new places that fit their search criteria, cutting back on the amount of work they have to do to find a place.
  2. The property managers and landlords will be able to be actively persuing the people who want their places instead of waiting around for the renters to find them.

I’m excited about the potential new use of the service, and I hope it spawns some activity on the site. Tell me if you have any more suggestions. I’m writing them down and hoping to get back on improving the site more often in the future. In fact, I’m hoping to pick up that redesign I left behind a while back. I think I was on the right track with it back then, and I’d like to make it a reality. Anyone want to help? :)

Nate Ritter lives in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.), popularized the #hashtag and creates web applications for a living. He also does miles and point hacking to enable cheap travel for his family. More here →

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