Condo Update

MoPhoblogging from my Treo 650 and SprintPCS PictureMail (Sprint Picture Mail) Here is the current status of our condo. It is coming along nicely. We are going to get to see inside shortly! What fun.

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3 Comments on "Condo Update"

  1. Ryan says:

    Hey, I like your blog. Especially the “MoPho” posts. I’ve been trying to get mine to work, but it looks like the methods you used don’t work (John Blade’s don’t seem to exist anymore).

    I was wondering if you had a copy of these you could send to me.


  2. nate says:

    I actually do still use John Blade’s, but I custom designed mine to fix a few problems and include Sprint’s Photo Share crap.

    The problem is that right now, the company I work for is having me work on a similar solution, so I can’t release what I did quite yet. However, I’d still like to help where I can.

    What cell phone service are you using? Or are you posting via email?

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