Condo Update

Our new friends, Debbie Biery (center) and Troy Muljat (right). Debbie is our realtor for our condo and Troy is the seller. They gave us a tour today of our new condo which is coming along fabulously.

Our big drama with the hole in our wall is a minor problem now. We originally thought it was a big enough deal to possibly back out of our purchase, but now, no way. We’re so satisfied with the whole building. We get T3 access to the internet (probably capped somewhere less than full T3, but Troy said way way better than Comcast cable connection even, so I’m not worried), video surveilance cameras (that we can tap into through the network on the building), and more. Needless to say, as a geek, I’m stoked. The only downside is that the kitchen is smaller than we originally thought it was going to be. Otherwise, no complaints.

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