Review of Yahoo Maps (the UI, not the API)

Although the API for Yahoo! Maps may be superior to the “Brand X” (Google) API, the UI (user interface) for Yahoo!’s maps stinks. The reason why developers will continue to use Google’s mapping API over Yahoo’s is simple. It looks better.

Google’s API and/or mapping procedure may be slower for many reasons (one of which I don’t like, which is the necessity to find the geo coordinates to be able to use the API rather than just sending the address). However, that little hangup is of much less importance than a clean UI. There are no extra ads (although there probably will be in the future), etc. It’s just the map, and my/the programmer’s data.

Of course, some of the other things that McManus writes about being superior to Google’s Maps, including not having restrictions on heavy loads of users using their maps, etc, hopefully will be resolved soon. It feels like VHS vs. Betamax all over again.

That’s why people will continue to use

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