Power 90: Day 1

So, T and I made a goal to exercise more. Today was the first trial day of a system we’ve researched and decided to buy called Power 90.

Even though the instructions say not to overdo it the first few days (which we didn’t), I still sweat like a pig, got cramps from not drinking enough water, and my arms are more sore in this half hour minimum impact workout than I’ve been in a long time. It could also be the fact that I haven’t worked out in so long it’s rediculous.

It’s not like either of us really need to lose weight or anything. But, eating right and working out shouldn’t be a special thing. It should be normal. That’s what we’re after. Normality.

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2 Comments on "Power 90: Day 1"

  1. Ferlay says:

    Hey, I’ve been wanting to try this out too! What decision pushed you over the edge to buy it? I’ve been hearing a lot of scams from customers who bought it, so where did you purchase yours?

  2. nate says:

    Three things made me buy it. One, I heard from my wife’s friend that it worked pretty well. Two, I checked out a lot of other people’s comments and reviews of it. It looked the most logical to me about what it takes to get fit. Three, I am getting out of shape. I haven’t been competing in many sports for a few years and it’s starting to show and feel that way.

    Unfortunately, I’m working too much right now to keep up with it, but I’ll tell you what, it defintely feels good to do it.

    I actually called one of the 800#’s when I was sick in bed one day. I got it for $15, which was cool. But, if you don’t watch those phone people, they will try to get you to sign up for lots of other stuff that you might not want. Pay attention if/when you call them.

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