JellyBarn Official Release: RealDetroit and NWNP Communities

grapes As JellyBarn continues to build GrapeBerry, a photo solution for customer’s website, we are excited about the level of interest of various markets. From small websites to Fortune 500 companies, GrapeBerry is built to help our customers earn revenue and offer a great photo solution for their website users.

Recent News:
JellyBarn has a new Ambassador: Jeffrey C. Davis
Because we respect people who serve the greater good we have appointed our own Ambassador to work with particular not for profit and public service organizations.

Fresh Content on has been updated. Check it out.

Recent Customers:
NWNP Communities
JellyBarn is happy to announce that NWNP Communities will be offering GrapeBerry over their 50 site network. NWNP’s users can now connect thru their digital photos using GrapeBerry. Users will have the ability to upload photos from their digital camera or camera phone, create slide shows, email friends their latest posts, pool photos around common events, create public pools and validate users photo timestamps of when their photos were taken. GrapeBerry will be integrated into NWNP’s network mid September.

Real Detroit Weekly
JellyBarn is happy to announce that RealDetroit Weekly will be offering GrapeBerry to their users. GrapeBerry will help organize Real Detroit Weekly’s library of photos based on venues and events that are collected. Users will be able to upload their photos, create pools, and share photos based on common events.

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