Our (Almost) New Home (and the “Handyman”)

Consider this post a sequel to the last. We return to the scene where Aaron had emailed me about some blog I’ll never look at again because it’s a waste of time. In Aaron’s next paragraph in his email, he asked how our condo is shaping up and if we’re “all moved in yet.” Well, since this seems to be a common question lately I’ll post my response here and you can see how I consider the part of my brain, which normally serves men well to help them do things like create skyscrapers and monuments (or simple home repair) and flex their huge manly muscles, is hiding from me.

Yea, we’re all moved in now. We still have about a 35% cardboard to floor ratio going for us right now, but it’s starting to come together. Hey, this is bloggable material. maybe I’ll write about it. :) Anyway, yea… we’re getting things put away here and there. I’m pounding needless holes in all our walls attempting to be a handyman (read: computer guys are not handy men. We’re an excuse for a man who thinks we are better than everyone else because we can sit in one place staring at the same thing for longer periods of time than other “men”… oh, and we can kick your a** in Halo and Counter Strike… did I mention that?). Yes, I have found out that handy men do exist, and I am probably not born to be one. Thus, owning a home has become an unnatural state for me. I believe in renting because other people fix your problems for you and probably do a better job than you. Plus, if you move out, you only lose about $600 in deposit money instead of $10k in depreciation because your “upgrades” have to be redone. Some day I might find my gonads, I hope.

Enter: blogging about it.

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