Excellence and Grace

Tom Peters recently blogged about the corporation’s ability – no, it’s responsibility – to be personal; to care for each other like we say we care for our customers. (It’s the people, stupid!).

I respect Tom’s guidance on many issues. This one, in particular, hits home. I have had a craving to start a new business lately. It’s weird, being in the middle of a start-up. Giving my all for the past 9 months, and now feeling dissatisfied with the results. I want it to be the best thing I can possibly produce at this time. Not for my own glory. Not for the company’s glory. But, for the customer’s!

I have a desire to create a company that cares for each other deeply as well as for the customer’s needs and desires. I want this to be about the people who join in and make the product better, no, the best. I don’t want mediocrity. I want excellence. I want a fresh start. I want democracy.

If you follow the link to the comments of his post, the first comment has got to be the best. The commenter quotes John Paul II: “True community exists when two or more persons come together and engage in mutual self-giving.” I love that quote. I want to add it to the motto of apt222.com. I want it to be the motto of a new non-profit “start-up” I’ve had the pleasure to be included in. It’s a great definition of “community.”

Last word: I am happy to hear that “grace” is emphasized so heavily in Tom’s book, This I Believe (which I have not read yet). I am happy to hear that grace has been so afforded it’s due time in the sun.

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