The Peter Drucker Elbow Drop

Results are obtained by exploiting opportunites, not by solving problems. (via

If I could choose someone to hit me in the face, it would certainly be Mr. Drucker (rest in peace). Tonight, he gave me a shot to the adams-apple about how I have been going about looking at projects.

I solve problems, which is why I am very good at developing support applications. What I don’t do is capitalize on opportunities.

Take, for instance, Google Base which just released tonight. I took a look around, tried to think of how I could exploit it, and then moved on without an idea of how. Rather than doing that, I (and you) should probably sit and think about what Google is trying to accomplish by providing their service. They don’t want to just be another online classified ad website. They don’t want to compete with craigslist. They want to crush them by offering something new and unique.

Let me spell it out. The desire to be new and unique equals new and unique opportunities to exploit.

Third one into the innovation pool is a rotten Netscape.

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