Suprising Thanksgiving Statistics

We were away for thanksgiving this year. First, I have to apologize for not using current blogging etiquete and telling you before I wasn’t going to write. Second, we had a great dinner and time with my family about 3 hours south of us. It’s been a while since we spent time with them, so it was a good time.

When we came back, I thought I’d check my stats and see how things went over the days I wasn’t around writing. To my suprise the statistics stayed pretty much in line with the most recent days for unique visitors and such (see graph below).


This means either people still did a little searching around the Net (sorry for your boring relatives), or they really like what I’ve been writing lately. I’ll go with the first.

Also, something to note. One of our regulars, Karen, mentioned that she’s not interested in the Treo 700 Windows version. To be honest, I wasn’t at first either, but then I thought “Eh? Who cares, really?” Apparently Karen does and she brings up a good point, albeit indirectly. The number of apps currently out there for the Palm Treo is huge. I haven’t taken the time to look into what will be available for the Windows version, but I have a feeling either there won’t be as many, or they will cost more (please correct me if I’m wrong and point out sites where I can gather up some goodies when it comes). I was really happy with the 650 (Palm), and would be with another Palm version if that’s what came out.

Oh, Karen also gave me a nice link to a Treonauts article I think you should check out. Thank you for the tip!

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3 Comments on "Suprising Thanksgiving Statistics"

  1. ike says:

    I need to vent to you Nate, I am sure you can relate to my thoughts right now.


    I have been behind in all of my classes since the September 18th when Esther was born. I am behind in a lot of my classes, but it is all simple fluff junk simple work that I have to do to catch up. I am passing all my classes because I do all their garbage work they ask of us. BUT I AM NOT CHALLENGED! I feel that it is the college professors responsability to cause me to stretch as a student and as a Christian going to the “Christian college”…I don’t feel stretched in any way…accept for my patience!

    Is college all about soaking information in order to piss it out again in the form of a fluff paper that can easily be completed the night before it is due. Or to crap out the info in the form of a test that is easily passed by studying for the hour before class. I don’t feel like they are doing a satisfactory job of…anything, but frustrating the stinkin’ poo out of me!!!

    I bring this up to you becuase I know that you have struggled with “the man” that is the college experience.

    Am I wrong in my feelings, should I suck it up and do their fluff work. Or should I protest in the fact that I could write a book on how to pass college without cracking open the pages of a “required text”, and by doing all required assignments the night before they are due…

    I am so worked into a rage about this I can’t even get myself to sleep!

    What are your thoughts on all of this? I wonder if I should call the professors out on their lack of thought in teaching, challenge them to hold the students to a standards other than eating and poo’ing information…IT’S CRAP!

    Sorry for using your blog space to ask you about this, I can’t get my email to work properly right now.

    Love ya man!


  2. nate says:

    Ike, I replied via email. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough go of it. Hang in there. It’s just a game.

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