What are you afraid of?

SleddingMore important, what are your prospects afraid of?

We had a snow day here in NY yesterday. Hundreds (thousands!) of kids out sledding. And most of them without a helmet.

Sledding without a helmet is 10 times riskier than taking Vioxx and a thousand times riskier than flying in an airplane. Driving in the passenger seat without a seatbelt (which I saw that ten-year-old doing this morning) is a million times riskier than Lyme’s disease.

Yet parents (and regular people too) obsess about the longshots and take crazy chances with the likely dangers.

We can shake our heads and insist that people get more rational ("how can you be afraid of flying!") or we can understand that this is human nature. And be understanding the irrational risks and helping our customers deal with them, we sell them what they really want… peace of mind.

Seth Godin

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