Aprilia Launches 2006 Scooters

Whether you’re cruising the cafes or just commuting to work, there’s no excuse for not cruising in style. To that effect, Aprilia has just launched its new 2006 line, including the new model of the Aprilia 500 Scarabeo we recommended in the Wired News Ultimate Geek Gift Guide. The 2006 Scarabeo 500 is a scoot for those who prefer a little comfort and grace to go with their vroom. Its 500cc four-stroke engine delivers 39hp at 7,200 rpms, which is pretty hardcore for a scooter, and it can hit speeds in excess of 100mph. More importantly, it can bring you back safely from those high speeds with its standard servo-assisted ABS brakes. And with relatively large 16-inch wheels, the Scarabeo grips the road more like a motorcycle than a scooter. The 2006 Scarabeo 500 will set you back $7,399 MSRP, which is only about two grand more than a Vespa Grantourismo with half the power.

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