Is Blogging Bad?

The quote that caught me: “And free trumps quality all the time.”

It’s an interesting statement in and of itself, but taken in it’s full context you get a pale look into the deep eyes of a dooms day clairvoyant prophesying a multifaceted “Web 2.0” (whatever that means anymore) failure.

My point isn’t as much to talk about the prophesy or questions brought up by the article, but to expand on the problem of “free trump[ing] quality.” I can see what Mr. Carr means, and it disturbs my anal-retentive soul. I pride myself on quality in many instances – namely coding practices, business strategy, and principles. I have noticed the disturbing trend climaxing in software production. One exception is the blog platform this site runs on. It definitely is quality work. Some of the best in the world.

On the other hand, what if the WordPress developers were paid more, guaranteed some stability and maybe stock options for their work. How much better would it be?

Even more so, what does it mean for us who develop web applications when we live in a Wal-Mart society who would rather take dollar off at the register than save their neighbor’s job, or business, or economy? What does that mean for people like us who believe in and strive for quality in our lives?

Anyone? Bueler?

Nate Ritter lives in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.), popularized the #hashtag and creates web applications for a living. He also does miles and point hacking to enable cheap travel for his family. More here →

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