Fantastico Version of WordPress has RSS Issues

I figured I’d try the “quick and easy” install of WordPress 1.5.2 for the Tech Help Blog I’m creating. I had an article on there already, and was just testing it all out and configuring it when I came across a wierd problem.

I like using FeedBurner for my RSS syndication now because of their cool stats tracking. But, when I tried adding the WordPress RSS feed to FeedBurner, I got a 404. I thought that was weird, so I tried typing it into the browser and it came up just fine. So, I thought maybe FeedBurner was wigging out. I let them know and they indicated that WP does/did have some issues with RSS in some of the older versions (<= 1.5.1). But, I had 1.5.2. So, I kept testing some fixes, checking code, changing permalinks and the .htaccess file. Didn't find a thing. I even overwrote the root and include files with some from this blog and it didn't fix anything. Eventually I just gave up with it and grabbed the new source code and did a full install (database and everything). Now, it works just fine. I have no idea what the fix is, but whatever code Fantastico uses isn't fully updated or has a bug in it. My guess is some old WP code that had that prob in it. The moral of the story is, don't take shortcuts unless you make them yourself.

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