Nokia Keeps Feeding the Dog That Bit It

When Nokia launched the N-Gage gaming handset, all the world took notice. Then everyone laughed out loud for a few minutes and casually went back to whatever they were doing. The problems with the device are now well known to all gear heads, and even the second generation of the device failed to improve meaningfully on the handset’s shortcomings. It was, in a word, a flop. Last month, word came out that Nokia is quietly abandoning the N-Gage, which doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. But the company isn’t giving up completely. In a move that shows Nokia’s commitment to the future of mobile gaming, the company is integrating its gaming software into all of its Series 60 handsets, and now it’s launching a new development platform to build up its gaming profile across its smart phone line. So while the N-Gage may have died a failure, its spirit lives on and may yet thrive.

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