Narnia: Review and Side Track

The Chronicles of Narnia (3 disc set)About a week ago, we went to see the movie Narnia. I wanted to review it a little but also get off track a little too on a side conversation.

First the Side Track

A few days ago, I had a chance to comment on Joey’s post about it’s creation bringing to light the monetization and capitalization of Christianity. The post is fully valid.

However, I learned a little something last night while speaking with a few friends. According to one friend, capitalism used to be preached from the pulpit. Granted, it was in it’s most raw form, but in Europe, the pastors used to preach “work as hard as you can, save as much as you can, give as much as you can.” That is the foundation of capitalism as we know it (arguably, the giving portion isn’t adhered to or seen that much these days, but it’s still here). So, seperating capitalism and Christianity would be pretty difficult to do from a historical perspective.

The real question (which I’ll leave up to you to think about and comment here on), is what about Biblically speaking? Does capitalism have roots in Christianity? Or vice versa? I’m just curious what you think.

… On to the Review

The movie was well done in many respects. The actors/actresses were wonderful. Very good. The computer animation was well done in most places. There were a few places where the CG came out pretty blatently, as well as a backdrop or two from a green screen. But, most of the time you could see past it to the plot.

The plot itself kept to the book very well. Many times, movies made from books lose a lot of the magic. This one kept everything on track and didn’t make me feel like it was missing anything important.

Overall, I’d probably go to see it again. That kind of reaction doesn’t happen too often for me, so take it as a pretty big compliment of the film. I am excited to see a sequal or two as long as they don’t lose quality.

Your thoughts?

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2 Comments on "Narnia: Review and Side Track"

  1. Ruth says:

    So here are my thoughts on Narnia…first I should give the disclaimer that I am a complete book snob, especially when it comes to books being turned into movies. My overall summery is that they tried to hard to make the story something that it is not and that they tried to make it so that maybe it could fit in the same category as Lord of the Rings, which is ridiculous because The Chronicles of Narnia is a children’s story and LOTR is an adult fantasy story. Now we’ll just go through the movie from start to finish.

    First…when the kids are in beavers house they are very adamant about NOT staying in Narnia and fighting for anything or anyone. However in the book the kids understand that they fulfill the prophesy and are more than willing to stay in Narnia and fight.

    Second…once the kids and beavers realize that Edmond has left the house they run after him. However in the book they don’t run after Edmond because they realize that they need to start heading to the stone table.

    Third…although the computer animation of Aslan was very well done (much better than the old BBC version?) he was much to plain in the movie. In the book, at least my interpretation and imagination of the book, Aslan was much more mysterious and more dangerous.

    Fourth…what was up with the whole river scene?!?! I mean that just came out of nowhere. Now I’m not going to deny that the river scene made the movie much more eventful and the book does not have the most in depth action filled plot, but that was kind of a stretch, in my opinion.

    Now you might think after reading this that I completely hated the movie, which is not true. So here are some things that I really liked about the movie. I agree with you that the animation was done very well and I really liked who they chose to be the kids. I think that it was a cute kid’s movie, and if I had kids I would buy it for them. So I enjoyed it but I didn’t think that it was great.

  2. nate says:

    Awesome. Thanks Ruth!

    I’d agree that there were some things different from the book. However, even if they were intending to put it in the same category as LOTR, I’d thank them for it. The plot and action could be too freaky for little kids, but not enough suspense for adults. If they were going to make it more for kids, I wouldn’t bother going.

    Thanks for the review! I love hearing another side.

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