I-5 Bellingham, Jammed

jam up If you’re thinking of going north.. ahem.. south rather, on I-5 in Bellingham right now… don’t. It’s a mess (near Meridian as well as Sunset).

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3 Comments on "I-5 Bellingham, Jammed"

  1. neil says:

    sitting in it right now -very slow -painful to see the 70mph sign while we’re here at a dead stop -any idea what it is or for how long? wdot doesn’t show anything

  2. neil says:

    wait -seeing now -bunch of lights -accident? hopefully clears up right beyond (its 30 yards away now) –accident is at exit 242, Nulle rd. and s. lake samish

  3. nate says:

    Thanks for the comments Neil. Funny you found this site as that was posted Jan 3, 2006. But hey, I appreciate the commentary today. Thanks for the update. :)

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