Merging Industries: Champagne + Soda = Champagne in a Can

Now this one is interesting.

I’ve been noticing and commenting on direct applications of the book Blue Ocean Strategy, but this is an amazing convergance of industries.

champagne in a can Take the expensive (or at least snooty) champagne industry. To play in that game, the snootier, the more you can charge. But how do you choose a champagne? I barely know how to choose a good wine, none-the-less a good champagne. But, when it comes in a can?! This reminds me of a more familiar transcendance, but the other way around.


Coffee used to be just normal, every day, blah. Then Starbucks came into town and franchised itself into the lives of every American on the planet’s hand as a status symbol. If you don’t have a cup of coffee in your hand or on your desk, you’re, like, so yesterday.

Welcome to the club Sofia Mini, the champagne that Oprah loves. [via Neatorama]

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