Post Review: The Art of Innovation by Guy Kawasaki

I can’t help it. I have to comment on and link to Guy Kawasaki’s post on The Art of Innovation.

Now, I’m not a fan of the whole top 10 list kind of things that are so fad-iliocious right now (mainly because they are typically only written to get quick visitors, not for the real McDeal, valuable, original content). But, in this case, I find this post worth it.

Blue Ocean Strategy is a perfect book to go after #1 “Jump to the next curve.” Didn’t I tell ya it was life changing? See, you have to really start trusting me. Guy backs me up.

#2 “Don’t worry, be crappy” is the hardest thing for me to do. But, it really does spur me on right now. I have been working on a little side project to help students create bibliographies easier based on the ISBN number instead of writing them all out like their teacher wants them to learn. I must give credit to Seth Godin for the initial idea, though.

Oh wait… I just checked out Seth’s trackbacks and it looks like LibraryThing [via Virtual Dave] does most of that. Although, I didn’t see a bibliography creator, so, maybe I’ll continue on it and make it very rudimentary.

Anyway, the point of this was to reaffirm Guy’s push to just put something out there that’s complete, even if it isn’t feature laden.

I recommend you jump over to Guy’s list and read it for yourself. Then come back here an tell me why you like one of those points. Come on.. give it a try.

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