10 tips on procrastinating

In response to Chris Garrett’s article, “Stop Procrastinating – 10 tips to get yourself blogging,” I offer my 10 tips on HOW TO procrastinate (and not just for blogging, mind you).

  1. Subscribe to 30 or more RSS feeds – I find that most RSS feeds update about once an hour. If you subscribe to 30 or more RSS feeds, you’ll be reading all day!
  2. Set your RSS program to check for new articles every 15-30 minutes – In case you can’t fine 30 good RSS feeds to subscribe to, simply set your program to refresh every 15 minutes. It can be as blinding as email.
  3. Check your stats – Hey, you have to keep up on these things. Who knows if you’re getting hits from some new source and you need to capitalize on it.
  4. Browse through your linklog or old links in your own articles – Most times, my blogroll/linklog isn’t the same as my RSS reader. Ironic, yes. But, in times of desperation, I need to find someone else’s blog to read. I’ll move on to friends or acquaintances instead of industry-specific sites. That might spur you on to at least leave a comment somewhere.
  5. Make a list – Lists (like this one) are some of the best procrastination tools we have, folks. Use them. Keep making more lists, just don’t actually do any of them.
  6. Clean your environment – Your desk is probably messy, if you’re like me. Sometimes a clean environment is all I need – to waste more time instead of messing it up for a real purpose; like doing something proactive.
  7. Download torrents – Remeber that show you used to be addicted to? Oh, your grandma wanted a mix CD of her favorite songs from the 50’s. Man, go get them! Don’t let yourself or your grandma down!
  8. Read a book – I have strategy books strewn about the designated reading areas in my house. They are there because when I need a picker-upper, I read one of those. It really gets me thinking (not doing, mind you). I’d suggest reading something like that. If you’re not into strategy books, I’d suggest them anyway. At least you’ll get a good nap.
  9. Get something at the store – Yesterday, or today even, you forgot to pick something up at the store. Like today, for instance, I forgot until now that I need stamps and salad. It’s almost time for me to go to the store.
  10. Take a break – You’ve worked hard at reading all those blogs, websites, reading up on the new trends, top 10 lists, etc. Shoot man, take a break already. Get some fresh air. Walk around. Go grab a coffee. Call a significant other or friend. When you come back, your 30 RSS feeds will be waiting for you.

And yes, I realize that some of what I’ve listed are almost exactly the same as what Chris has. That’s the fun of procrastination.

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Nate Ritter lives in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.), popularized the #hashtag and creates web applications for a living. He also does miles and point hacking to enable cheap travel for his family. More here →

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  1. Jon says:

    What do you think I am doing now – procrastinating…

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