I love Flash video players

currenttvCurrentTV, you know, the project launched by Al Gore, actually is pretty cool. I didn’t give the guy much credit, but it actually looks pretty sweet.

Visiting the site, I thought I would find the same Real Player or Windows Media Player stuff. Either that, or their own proprietary downloadable viewer (a.k.a. “crap”). To my amazement, they are using Flash video players!

Why is that cool, neat, or otherwise just good? Well, since my conversion to a Mac, I have had troubles with both Real Player and Windows Media Player. I use the Firefox browser (as opposed to the standard Safari browser on a Mac). The problems with video bug the crap out of me. It crashes my browser, doesn’t open up as a seperate window or in a seperate application. But, the use of Flash players is pretty much universal.

One plugin. Any browser. Always works.

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2 Comments on "I love Flash video players"

  1. Amber says:

    Flash video players are rad. I hope Adobe is nice to their code.

  2. nate says:

    Amber, you rock. I hope Adobe is nice too.

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