Muslim anger: a part of the belief

I was just listening to The conversation (NPR: KUOW) about the current headline that Muslims are freaking out because of an offensive cartoon published by a Denmark news agency.

During the show, an Olympia Muslim leader said one thing that resonates with me. He said “We teach that if you are not angry about something, then you are not a true believer.” What’s amazing to me is if you follow that logic out, you will never have peace. Anger will never lead to harmony.

Another caller hit the nail on the head when he mentioned that what is truely happening is that the reaction to the cartoon is displaying the innate internal anger of the Muslim, which is what the cartoon depicted.

Anyway, I think it’s simply interesting to see the reaction to the cartoon. What’s your reaction?

Here’s the actual images, also reprinted on:
Michelle Malkin’s blog and Gaijin Biker’s blog.


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4 Comments on "Muslim anger: a part of the belief"

  1. Will says:

    Michelle Malkin huh. She is the last person you need to be thinking about, reading, listening to in regards to politics and what to believe in. The fact that she is an Asian-American and supported Japanese internment camps renders her borderline psychotic.

    And what’s this bullshit about Muslim anger being an innate quality? Cat Stevens is a Muslim and he isn’t angry. He wrote ‘Peace Train’ for crying out loud.

    You are stereotyping a group of people based on the actions of a few. And you claim to be a Christian. I don’t know who your God is but he sure as hell wouldn’t tolerate that shit. How would you feel if I said that all Christians are ignorant, anti-abortionist, homophobic, narrow-minded Bush voters? You probably wouldn’t like it very much.

    Obviously Muslims are mad because the cartoon is feeding into a stereotype that the majority are trying to overcome. Christians would have the same reaction if I were to release a cartoon of George Bush snorting cocaine while getting sodomized by Jesus.

  2. nate says:

    Will, thanks for the reply. I appreciate the dialogue, that’s the point of the post. I’ll respond with points:

    1. I know absolutely nothing about Michelle Malkin or her publications. I was simply noting that she also has the images posted on her site.

    2. The point about anger being inherent in their teachings comes from a direct quote from the interview. It’s not taken out of context or anything. It surprised me that a Muslim leader would actually say that himself.

    3. I am not stereotyping any more than what the Muslim leader said himself. If he was stereotyping, then I apologize for picking that up by quoting him.

    4. If you don’t know my God, how can you say he wouldn’t tolerate what I’m asking/saying? I am sure some Christians may get angry at comments like what you wrote, but it’s certainly not a precept to the Christian faith that we are either to be angry or that we are not a true believer. That’s the point. We all deal with anger. Welcome to being a human. But, to say that you either are angry or not a believer is a little short-sighted, don’t you think?

    5. I understand the point of why Muslims are mad at this incident, but I was pointing to the larger picture of Muslim teachings about anger as a whole.

    Again, I welcome the dialogue. Thanks for commenting.

    Oh, and I guess I should probably link to a podcast of the actual conversation, just for the sake of validating arguments. The audio should be available on that podcast soon. In the meantime, you can check out The Conversation webpage and listen to either the Real Audio or Mp3 versions for download.

  3. Will says:

    Another caller hit the nail on the head when…

    I thought that by saying this you are agreeing with the caller. That’s usually the case when one uses this wording. If that isn’t the case then I apologize.

    – Will

  4. Nick says:

    Interesting that the Muslim faith may have just begun as a heresy. Mohammed may have just taken some of the Christian faith, and combined it with beliefs of others he met and created this new conglomeration of religions.
    Where I am currently in school, there are many men who have lived in Africa in the midst of a Muslim majority. They relate to us that the Muslims are relatively peaceful until they begin to gain some sort of foothold, or majority, then they become violent.
    I’m not saying that all people who claim to be Muslims are violent, but their ideology definitely leans in that direction.
    You do see all sorts of cartoons about Christians all over the place. Yes, people become upset over them, but we don’t resort to rioting, killing and threats. That may happen at times verbally, or on rare occasions physically, but that is out of our human weakness and definitely would be contradictory to our beliefs. On the other hand, that is not the case for Muslims.
    Interesting that we, here in America, are also quick to judge George Bush because there are innocent lives being lost over in Iraq and Afghanistan, but when the suicide bombers role around and kill thousands of innocent people, which they have been doing more decades, then we say that you can’t pick on the Muslims. That wouldn’t be politically correct.
    People in this line of thinking would be upset if we tried to push our Christian faith on them or anyone else, like the Muslims, but once there is a country that is predominantly Muslim, then they are radical in forcing their religion on other people. But we would never here a condemnation of that.
    A little venting session………..perhaps just what I needed.
    My intent is not to offend anyone, just to show the imbalance in the thinking which some view to be rational but in fact is quite irrational.

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