Performancing for Firefox Extension

Holy crap. I can’t believe that I’ve lived without this extension for as long as I have. This thing is awesome!

If you blog, you should be using Firefox. If you use Firefox and blog, you should be using PFF as an extension to it.

Simply put, it’s a way to blog without having to visit your admin site. It includes your categories, history, notes, delicious bookmarks, etc. It’s by far the easiest way to blog. I would recommend it to anyone.

All they need now is an easy way to place images into the editor (drag and drop would be awesome, especially if they could auto-upload it to my server!).

pff screenshot

I did notice, however, in my WordPress 1.5.2 blog, that it unfortunately adds a few spaces both to the beginning of the title as well as the post. Not too disturbing, but probably should be fixed at some point.

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