Questions about evangelism?

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Erik and I met this morning to discuss some options for initiating dialogue in our home group. We came up with some interesting questions and a topic – evangelism.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about the following:

  1. How does evangelism play a part in our faith?
  2. How are we called to evangelize (method)?
  3. Define evangelism
  4. Are you ashamed/embarrassed of the exclusivity (Christ is the only way)/evangelism of Christianity?
  5. How do we balance or live out evangelism in our lives (be practical)?
  6. What do we have to offer the rest of the world (spiritually, physically, mentally, etc)?

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2 Comments on "Questions about evangelism?"

  1. Atheist says:

    I think it would be fantastic if christians ceased any kind of evangelical activity, unless they seek to empower the militant atheists out there.

    Contrary to what religious people often believe, atheism is simply the lack of belief in a deity, but unfortunately the need of evangelists to shove their beliefs down people’s throats simply necessitates counter-force, and hence gives rise to the kind of atheist who will preach the non-existance of god.

    … and you’ve seen how passionate some evangelists can be. Why then would you seek to force counter-passion with the same level of volume and zeal? Doesn’t that sound like a shitfight to you?

    Why not simply let us all go to hell, please… instead of making our time here on earth that much more hellish by forcing us to fight against your brainwashing.

    We don’t want your god. Keep him to yourselves.

  2. nate says:

    Well, that’s an interesting response. Normally, I’d love to have a dialog back and forth about the finer points of what you’ve said. Unfortunately though, your argument breaks down too quickly to even warrant a tactical response and your passion is obviously driving you enough to post once and most likely never be heard from again. So, I’ll leave my response to this:

    I think it would be fantastic if atheists ceased any kind of attempts to answer questions which weren’t posed to them, unless they seek to actually have a thoughtful dialog. The comment above is just as much “evangelism” as anything a “religious” person might do. You’re trying to spread your thoughts and your beliefs (including the belief that there is no deity). I’ve had plenty of talks with plenty of close friends who are atheists, agnostics, and of other faiths entirely who have been able to have useful and intelligent arguments to back up their beliefs.

    Passion about any subject should never supersede tolerance and open-mindedness. Most atheists actually are the ones who point that out to many outspoken religious folks. I find it funny that I have to point it out to you now, which exactly flies in the face of your comment “Why then would you seek to force counter-passion with the same level of volume and zeal? Doesn’t that sound like a shitfight to you?”

    I think you already know the reason that we can’t simply leave people alone or “go to hell” as you put it. It’s pretty obvious that part of our belief is that everyone should have the option. If you choose not to have a relationship with God, that’s your choice. Of course we’re still going to try to convince people otherwise, just as you are here commenting on my blog trying (less eloquently) to convince myself and other readers of your opinion. It’s part of how you defined yourself, as an atheist. Part of my faith is believing that everyone should be given the choice, so we talk to people about it. That’s life. We don’t all agree, so we talk about it.

    If you find it difficult to be tolerant, then nobody can really help you. You can choose not to listen, and that’s fine. You can choose to disagree, which is also perfectly fine. But you can’t tell me not to do something that my faith tells me to do – to give an account for exactly why I believe what I do when asked and at the same time proactively listen for people who might have that same question.

    If you don’t want Him, that’s your deal, not mine.

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