The Bully of Bentonville: A Wal-Mart Union

businessweekTrying to fall asleep via reading BusinessWeek magazine last night is a bad idea for me. I don’t know why I think it will help me sleep. It doesn’t. Especially when I read things like this; Wal-Mart would rather close a store than have a unionized labor force.

Granted, the article (actually, it’s a book excerpt) is written with a bent towards the perspective of the employees, and not the management.  However, the perspective of the employees matters a great deal.  More than ever now with blogging and how fast information travels.  Employees who are not given validity in the workplace are speaking out and getting the attention they want and deserve.

Regardless of the way the article is written, I have my prejudices against Wal-Mart for other reasons too.  This latest story about a Quebec store unionizing, and Wal-Mart’s decision to shut it down completely makes me want to puke.

Personally, it makes me want to get the workers of Wal-Mart to unionize, just so they will shut the store down.  That would bring back a market for smaller retailers and fill the job gap (so please don’t argue lost jobs).  If done en-mass it would at least give the current Wal-Mart vendors the option of bringing the jobs and production back into our own (local/national) hands for a short time.

As a side note, I don’t typically advocate the nationalistic view point to jobs.  “Buy American” and all that crap.  Call me a commie, but I honestly don’t believe in nationalism – the belief in a nation.  I believe in things a bit higher than a nation.  However, I don’t side with the Wal-Martian ethics either.

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