Advice from Jack and Suzy Welch

businessweek Perhaps you already knew this, but I figured it’s worth another mention. Jack and Suzy Welch have begun a column at BusinessWeek called “The Welch Way.” It focuses on answering questions about business, company, or career challenges.

For those of you who don’t know, Jack Welch was the CEO and chairman of General Electric. He is the modern day application of Peter Drucker and probably one of the most well known and well respected business leaders you’ll find today. Suzy is not quite as well known outside of her marriage to Jack, but nonetheless was the editor-in-chief of Harvard Business Review, which is nothing to sneeze at either.

Anyway, the point is that I’ve not had the privilege of reading either’s work, although I’ve heard of them often. Thankfully, with this new column at BusinessWeek, I’ll be able to glean more of their words more frequently.

I suggest you do the same, regardless of your industry, job, or lack-there-of.

Oh, and you can email Jack and Suzy questions at [email protected].

I would have put a link to the new article, but apparenlty it’s considered premium content right now. I suggest getting the magazine anyway. Take a step away from the computer. Seriously.

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One Comment on "Advice from Jack and Suzy Welch"

  1. larry docdocil says:

    hi jack and suzy,

    greeting and more power…for your “advices and comment” i surely will learn a lot from both of you(as a businessmand/writer,)

    keep up the best..

    northridge ,CA

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