WordPress: Using FeedBurner? Update your auto-discovery headers!

While I was looking around at my RSS subscription, trying to optimize for MyYahoo and MyMSN subscribers, I ran across my header.php in my WordPress theme and found something new.

I thought I had changed my RSS feeds to all go through to FeedBurner, but found my auto-discovery RSS feeds were wrong. Here’s what they used to be:
[code lang=”PHP”] [/code]

Here’s what they are now:
[code lang=”PHP”] [/code]

Notice the difference is I put my FeedBurner feed as the href instead of the typical code for all of WordPress’s feeds.

Note: I know, now, that most of you probably didn’t understand anything I just wrote. I apologize. This was for the techie in the crowd.

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4 Comments on "WordPress: Using FeedBurner? Update your auto-discovery headers!"

  1. steve says:

    Dude, you are seriously a nerd. Completely and totally.

  2. nate says:

    Yea, I know.. But not a geeky nerd… just a nerd in totality.

  3. maurizio says:

    You are right! That’s the most important tip I heard in weeks. You should spam it to everyone :-)
    I have a big issue with my site because I’m trying to read other people’s RSS but I noticed that 99% of the people have that link wrong so it’s a real nightmare to find out the right Feedburner link. Actually I’m stranded right now.

  4. kpli says:

    Thanks for the lovely post, i’ve read it with interest and had bookmarked this blog for future reference..keep em coming bro, and i wish you A Happy New Year !!

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