Local Blogs (Localogs.com) browsing enabled

Localogs.com, my project to localize blog content, now has a browse feature implemented.

Oh, and since my last post, we whipped up a quickie minimalist design too. Hopefully it’s simple and straightforward.

Next up, tag clouds based on localized content (first by just cities, then by states).

If you’d like to attach a zip code to your (or someone else’s blog), go ahead and do so. If you think this project has potential but is missing something, you can let me know here, in the comments section. But, I’d prefer you just go join the community and let me know there.


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4 Comments on "Local Blogs (Localogs.com) browsing enabled"

  1. Sam says:

    Good luck Nate! I just joined localogs.com and it’s great being part of a grassroots project.

  2. nate says:

    Hey Sam! Thanks so much for joining and being excited about the project. Please, please let me know what you think about it and how we can make it better… what would you like to do there?

    Please, feel free to chit chat in the community about it all. I’m there quite often.

    Thanks again, and welcome to the project!

  3. Adam says:


    That’s a great looking site the concept is awesome. I’m from the UK and have a database of postcodes with longs and lats. I can then calculate near by cities/towns to any postcode.

    That feature would rock on localog don’t ya think?

    Who’s blogging near you sorta thing.


  4. nate says:


    That’s exactly what Localogs is about! Thank you for commenting. I’ve emailed you regarding this.

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