A Conversation with James Taylor

This morning I met with James Taylor (the photographer, not the musician). We had a great conversation about church, needs, community, and other christian relevant buzzwords. Without using the words, we agreed with each other’s conclusion that “church” is less a physical place and more an ideal of how we as Christians should act.

Our many common philosophies quickly focused into a desire to remodel the perception of our term “church.” I’m sure this isn’t new to those of you who read Relevant, but we’re not subscribing to a philosophy created by others and taught to us. Both of us have somewhat come up with this stuff on our own, in our own space, in our own time.

The point is that we both want to help those in need. We both want to create something real, and now. The nice thing is that I once had something called NeedFillers, which was aimed at solving some of these unfulfilled needs in our community (and to be expandable into other communities as well). Having thought about it a lot, I think I’ve come up with many ways around some of the barriers (social and otherwise) we’ve created as a society.

We ended the coffee date with a renewed motivation to (re)create this system. Thankfully, the last barrier I had with NeedFillers won’t be a problem. James has agreed to put together a list of people who are interested in our little project. When I can get the system created, he’ll have the network of people put together and we’ll start some process training to help the social side of it to get moving.

Oh, happy day!

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2 Comments on "A Conversation with James Taylor"

  1. sean says:

    Hey my friend…i found your blog. This is cool stuff! Tell me more about needfillers…sounds interesting.

  2. nate says:


    Hey buddy. I’ll give you the short version here on the blog and if you want to talk further, give me a jingle.

    NeedFillers used to be a system that I created that facilitated a few things: 1) It served as a reminder to local churches to serve the needs of their congregation and their communities and to participate together in doing so, 2) it allowed them to easily communicate about individuals who asked for help and keep a record of people’s names who were not actually in need but leeching, 3) it promoted the needs of the community to each other and helped the congregations to know each others needs and fill them, not just with money, but with tangible items.

    It was all web based, but I had a problem with the local churches because they wanted to know what my mission statement was and who I was affiliated with before they would sign up. I’m not affiliated with anyone, I just wanted to make something they could use to solve some major problems I saw. So, it didn’t work out.

    But, by starting with the people and the churches, we can go the other way around, and get them to do what needs to be done first, then put a web-based system in place to make it easier to get those things done more efficiently, without taking th human element out of it.

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