RFID Virus?

If you’re not a geek, feel free to skip this post. It’s going to be dreadfully boring with lots of acronyms. Sorry.

If you are though, HOLY CRAP! I studied RFID for a while and had no idea that a virus would be possible. I thought RFID would be a great tool, encrypted software on a keychain that could be used in so many ways. But, I underestimated one of those ways.

According to Computerworld and rfidvirus.org, RFID can be vulnerable to SQL injections and buffer overflow attacks.

I’m guessing RFID companies are running scared now. I would also guess that Walmart’s losing a few R&D bucks trying to fix that sucka. But, I also bet it wouldn’t be a big deal until it hits consumers (read: cheap hackers). Even just inquisitive people like myself can get a hold of a card reader and have fun with reading and writing on identity cards for universities, etc. Not that I’d ever DO that. *wink*

But, when RFID hits the consumer market, which it’s already doing with things like the “Speed Bean” (Accelitec’s use of RFID for coffee shops and drinkers), watch your identity.

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