The Pale Pacific: Quitting?

Greg @ the drumsI talked with Greg, from The Pale Pacific, the other day and also got an email this morning.

p.s. We’re not sure when we’re going to be on the road again…why, you ask?
Here’s what we’ll be doing this summer:

1. People are getting hitched…Greg’s getting married to to the greatest girl of all time, Nicole! …and Gabe is getting married to his sweetheart, Tirzah Joy!

2. Justin is playing bass in a great band, The Catch
and renovating his parents’ house.

3. Cameron’s working at a great studio [Avast] in Seattle, and working on his tan.

So…we really hope we’ll get to see you at the shows on this tour. And SERIOUSLY…to everyone in the fine cities that we’re not visiting on this
tour…we really are sorry. We love you and wish we could play some shows for you. If everyone in your city loved us as much as you do we’d be a mega-band already and fly to each show in our learjet.

Greg said they are going to seriously tone down their road shows and just play locally. It’s a sad day when such a great band can’t make it big fast enough to make their dreams come true. I hate seeing that happen.

Please go support these guys at their last road shows.

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4 Comments on "The Pale Pacific: Quitting?"

  1. Kjell says:

    I heard rumors about this and have two thought. 1.) PLEASE DON’t QUIT! 2.) MOVE BACK TO BELLINGHAM
    . . .
    I miss seeing the pale play in their home town. Upfest was such a tease. Come back Guys, come back!

  2. nate says:

    Well, supposedly they aren’t quitting entirely. They will still play local (Seattle/Bham) shows, but it won’t be as often. They’re going to do it more for fun than anything.

  3. atrain says:

    Dood, I’m so old. I saw your post and was excited to check out the show at Berbati’s Pan here in PDX. I went to a show across town that got over about 10, stopped by and found out the Pale wasn’t on until 11:30! I had a big day today so I pussed out and went home. Hopefully thier local touring includes Seattle/Portland…

  4. nate says:

    Dude, you are old. Wussy. ;) You’ll just have to come up here and stay with us when there’s a show.

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