Got iChat? Get Chax!

iChat If you have a Mac and use iChat (who doesn’t?), you absolutely MUST get Chax! I haven’t been this excited about iChat or an addition to it since I got my iSight.

Although Apple does some great things with their UI, they missed what this guy did. He has improved iChat’s usability 10-fold.

But don’t just take my word for it, go get it and try it out. Tabbed sessions, new notifications, and more are waiting for you.

Thanks for the tip Kjell.

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3 Comments on "Got iChat? Get Chax!"

  1. Mike says:

    iChat is a creat application for people who only use AIM or and AIM capable “.” Mac account. But if you’ve got more than one instant messaging account eg. “YAHOO, AIM, JABBER” you should get Adium.

    Get It Here

  2. nate says:

    Thanks Mike. I fully agree. I use Adium for all my other stuff. The only reason I still use iChat instead is because Adium doesn’t really work so hot with file transfers all the time.

    Anyway, good point though.

  3. Mike says:

    for mac 2 mac / aim 2 aim file transfers. adium doesn’t work well

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