My new baby (script): TorrentFlux


Back in Feb, I mentioned that my ISP is evil. I was too miffed to really go into the details that much, so I’ll do it here and now because I’ve found a way around the data shaping, traffic shaping, and port blocking that my ISP thinks is necessary.


I pay good money (albeit I’ll give them credit for being cheap), for my super fast internet connection. The deal they gave our condo association is rockin’. However, I should be able to use whatever protocol, port, or whatever to connect for whatever (as long as it’s legal) means I desire.

The deal with the association specifies 30mbit download speeds shared within each building of 35ish units in each building. Now, that’s some serious speed. However, the deal doesn’t specify particular ports being blocked, data being shaped, or services being disallowed. My inclination is to think that because I pay for the speed (according to the agreement), they should allow me to do whatever I want with that speed.

Their argument is that downloading torrents is (1) illegal and (2) using up their bandwidth that they have to pay up the butt for.

My rebuttal: (1) torrents are not illegal. The things I download are either for business purposes (open source software retrieval and distribution) or tv shows, which are not illegal to download. In fact, some networks encourage you to download missed episodes via p2p or torrents. And (2) I don’t care what they pay for bandwidth. If they are stupid enough to sign a deal with their provider that increases their costs above their revenues, then they need to think of a different model. I even encouraged them to do so and gave them ideas on how. I even told them I would pay extra to be able to have my torrents opened back up.

They didn’t like the idea. Well, that just makes me want to find a way around it even more.

So, I switched ports.

They cut that off too and started data shaping so that regardless which port I used, it was blocked.

Oh, and just for fun, I have to tell you that they also said – I am not making this up – that torrents are a fad and are declining in use! Oh, I was rolling on the floor with laughter after that call. I kid you not.

Enter TorrentFlux.

Some of you know that I also run a hosting company as well. The nice thing about this is that my current deal from my provider is super cheap, and unlimited in data and bandwidth. Now, I don’t want to piss off my provider, so I’ll keep my downloading to a minimum. But, I’m super excited!

What is TorrentFlux

What is TorrentFlux? It’s a PHP script that is very easy to setup, works on most hosts (check if yours supports Python first), and gets around the pesky blocked port problem. The way I get around it is that it does the downloading for me. When it’s done, I just drop into my FTP account and download the data from there. The ISPs wouldn’t be stupid enough to block port 21/22. So, I’m home free. I could also download it on port 80 through http and they wouldn’t be the wiser.

Now, time to catch up on the last 7 episodes of Lost.

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