Online Video Sharing Methods Telling Us Something More

video proliferation methods

Take a look at the above statistics (via Church of the Customer). Most of us can make the conclusion that emailing each other is the primary way of sending video links to each other.

But, I think there’s something more to this graph than meets the eye.

Below, I’ve listed a few things I think that should be thought about a little longer. But, before I list them, I’d like you to use this as a case study; not just about video sharing, but how we relate using websites and the information or entertainment on them:

  1. Obviously, emailing links to our friends and family comes first. Email is pervasive, ubiquitous, and easy to use. My grandmother sends me stuff all the time, which brings me to #2.
  2. Forwarding links, photos, petitions, jokes, whatever…. that’s the second (but not by much) most frequent thing we do to share stuff. My grandmother REALLY knows how to do this. It’s even easier than #1 really, because she doesn’t have to type anything except the mailing list in the To: field.
  3. The “send to a friend” option? Really? I removed those a long time ago from my sites. But what do I know. They are the third easiest process to share the info/site. Time to put those back up.
  4. In fact, we’d rather use email or the “send to a friend” feature than call each other.
  5. The rest of the stuff we’d like to ignore, but they are important too. People would rather download it, wasting time and hard drive space (and the ISP’s bandwidth) and send it through email as an attachment than put it up on a blog. What’s that tell you? Here’s the options:
    • not enough people know how to use blogs
    • blogs aren’t easy enough to use
    • blogs are easy to use, but people don’t want to use them for sharing stuff
    • not enough of family and friends are reading each other’s blogs (do we want them to?).

Now, I’m not research guru, but I think there’s a ton of tweaks to do to websites according to just this one graph. What if we had more graphs?

I want more graphs on user habits/usage.

Well, by golly, here’s the full report.

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