RapLeaf – Rate Everyone, Not Just eBay’ers

RapLeaf Logo Thanks to the article at TechCrunch about RapLeaf, we have a new feature to add as soon as it goes live (May 7, 2006).

What’s RapLeaf? Well, you know about how eBay rates each other based on the buy/sell transaction? This is like that, except without the eBay part. You can rate someone as identified by their email address or phone number, which makes offline transactional rating systems possible.

We’ll be considering adding this feature to the back-end of our system so that property managers and landlords can rate past tenants. In fact, we might go the other way too, and allow tenants to rate property managers and landlords. I think that’s fair. I also think it helps everyone get a better understanding of the person/company that they are about to embark with on a year long lease. Tenant screening doesn’t do everything (although we’re gonna add that too).

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3 Comments on "RapLeaf – Rate Everyone, Not Just eBay’ers"

  1. thanks for the nice mention of Rapleaf.

    Perfectspace looks cool. when you’re ready, i am happy to help you best utilize our APIs.

  2. nate says:


    Thanks for your comment. I’m so happy to give RapLeaf a try. :) I think this could change much of how tenants and landlords work together and more for each other.

    I’m excited, to say the least. And you can count on me contacting you about it.


  3. Camron says:

    Need help, Anyone else using iSale for ebay?
    I thought I had moderate working knowledge of computers but this program has me stumped. Has anyone successfully used the FTP to load pics onto ebay through iSale from photobucket. How did your link look?
    FTP server- ???
    Picture path- ????
    HTTP Picture path- ???
    Im coming up empty here and dont have a clue why the pics arent uploading. Any help appreciated. Just point me to the right direction please.

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