Palm releases Treo 700p

Palm Treo 700p Palm officially released the Treo 700p on Monday the 15th of May, 2006 (via CNET).

This is the Palm OS version of the 700. The Windows version, 700w, was released a while ago and there’s been quite a bit of discussion on if it’s better than the current Blackberry. So, now we get to throw this into the mix too.

Personally, I haven’t yet gotten to use the 700w for more than an hour, and I liked it, but I’m happy that the 700p is finally out. I do want that phone, and I liked all the hacks and programs I could install. I hope that T-Mobile starts carrying it soon, but they have a habit of only carrying those phones that don’t need a lot of support (or so they say, even though they carried the Treo 600, which sucked). Hopefully they aren’t gun-shy about the Treos. I’d love to use one again.

Details on the phone’s specs can be found at DailyTech and PalmInfoCenter. Apparently, it supports EvDO, which is kinda cool.


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2 Comments on "Palm releases Treo 700p"

  1. CellphoneSavant says:

    I love this phone and would also like to get it. It is on the top of my wish list! Thanks for the post.

  2. nate says:

    Well, hey, thanks for the comment. Sorry, I had to remove the link as I don’t really care much for comment spam. But, I do appreciate the comment.

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