Signs First Major Property Manager

Perfect Space LogoYesterday I received a phone call from Brent, my new partner at Perfect Space. He informed me that Protocol Property Management had been signed!

Protocol is one of the largest property management firms in Bellingham and Whatcom County. They currently have about 40 available properties, which we will be adding to the rental search engine today. Although 40 rentals in Bellingham is a somewhat small number right now, behind the scenes they have an inventory of over 500 properties which they manage. With summer coming up, the available listings will increase significantly. When we conducted research almost two years ago on individual property managers, Protocol had at any one time about 120 or so available Bellingham rentals.

With this as our first major use by a local property manager, we’re kicking our marketing plan into high gear to advertise these new listings immediately.

If you’d like to know more about Perfect Space, please visit our About page. To advertise, please signup.

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  1. Amber says:

    Rad! 3 points for your team.

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