Project: 30 Day Exec (day 1)

Preface (link)

Day 1

According to my self-designated rules, I’m to come up with a few ideas of stuff that I can execute in one day. Well, here’s my first day’s list and how they fit the rules (Rule #1 is inherent, always)

  1. Create GA’s database and structure using Ruby (sorry for the coded acronymn, it’s a somewhat quiet project at the moment) (inspiration)
    • I’ve been practicing some Ruby both at work and at home. Let’s see if I can get a foundational database and system up and running in one day.
    • GA is a project in which I am very passionate about: generosity and helping people

… Hmm… I wrote this post yesterday, and tried it out. Seems like I’ve set my sights a little too high. I failed at understanding all of Ruby on Rails before trying it out.

I also failed at producing 2 items in a day.

Well, on to day two.

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