Ruby on Rails Tutorials for Beginners

Ruby on Rails LogoYea, so that last post was a bunch of crap about nothing to most of you. So, here’s some good techie nuggets for you geek-infants out there. When it comes to Ruby on Rails, I’m a newborn too, so I figure we all need some good Foxmarks (read: bookmarks) for help.

  • Top Ruby on Rails Tutorials: These have helped me immensely in the past few days, along with the forums at Godbit.
  • Another Ruby on Rails tidbit for you newbies is Instant Rails. It’s a great package that you can drop into any directory and have Apache, MySQL, PHP, Ruby, and Rails all running in no time. Unfortunately, it only comes with PHP4, and I haven’t figured out how to get it up to PHP5 yet, but who cares if you’re working on Ruby right?
  • RadRails: This is an outstanding application that helps you once you’ve learned a little bit of how to do things the hard way. This GUI makes it super easy to manage your rails apps, even letting you install and use multiple servers on multiple ports for different projects. It’s rad.
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