Why VentureVoice Is Invaluable

Podcast icon I’m not a huge podcast freak (as opposed to being an RSS crack addict). But, other than a sprinkling of NPR, I can’t find any good business/entrepreneurship audio. Since I’m in the car for 3 hours a day and sitting in front of a computer for another 8+, it’s absolutely necessary for me to keep my brain working.

So, why am I telling you that Venture Voice is invaluable for the entrepreneur, startup addict, or business person? Because it’s like live case studies from industries outside of the techie focused Valley.

Screw the A-Listers. This guy (Gregory Galant) has some pretty newbie questions for some serious leaders in industries anywhere and everywhere.

The best one I’ve listened to so far is show #30 with Scott Johnson. Talk about a learning opportunity from the horse’s mouth. Listen up newbies. This guy puts it all out on the table.

Another little tidbit I just wanted to note was in show #31, Steve Hindy of the Brooklyn Brewery essentially said 2 things.

  1. Do the numbers, pursuade investors that we could make money, do a business plan with projections, etc.
  2. Do a marketing story about the history, brand, etc.

The combination of those two with a network of money people will be the beginning of your business. Many times, these two items are not easy to drag out of the same person (hence business partnerships, in Steve’s case, with Tom Potter).

Not sure what I’m talking about.. subscribe already.

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