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This weekend (Friday through Sunday), we’ve had an advertisement running in Facebook.com. We put it in for only Western Washington University’s students to see how it did. We spent $120 for 3 days, which is a bit steep considering the response we’ve had. We’d probably get better response with the local papers like the Western Front and the Echo for quite a bit cheaper.

We’ve received less than 50 visits through that advertisement since Friday. I’ll know more about the final results of that advertisement test on Monday morning, but right now, it’s not looking like the best place to advertise for our service yet.

There’s another variable to take into account. Perhaps our ad isn’t attractive enough for Western students. Or, perhaps Western students don’t need or aren’t looking for rentals at this point. On the other hand, my old statistics showed that this is when they started really looking around for rentals.

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2 Comments on "Facebook Flyer Stats"

  1. Brian says:

    I tried using the flyers to promote some affilatestuff..I think at the end of a 50,000k- 60,000k campign( 2days) I had around 50 clicks… almost 1/100th of a clik thru percentage and around 12 sales… so for the $40 fee I made $12 bucks
    Which yes is a lost but there are a lot of varibales to consider here…. the demographics of your giving school, the time of year..Summer break, Spring break , Thanksgiving Christmas……… After all of the above holidays except springbreak students come back to school with money…gfts from the holidays…a varible that you cant really measure looking a facebook traffic stats

    also I found this site that quotes facebook stats

    And based up the above site the best days to post an campaign are sunday & monday….. thursday is the like the party holy day of most college students…friday is party day two and sat is study and party nite…..Also going back to the choice and demographic make up of various school…. ties into reigional styles, habits and customs..b/c Miami Students are diffrent from LA Students as from in your case Washington students..and I’m thinking some school use facebook more than others…I would like to find this info aswell as info related to click thru rates of the different schools


    facebook mArketer in the making

  2. nate says:


    You’ve got some good points, sir. I may try it again and shoot for that Sunday through Wednesday timeline. I do think I’ll wait for school to start, though. I think you’ve got some good points about timing that I didn’t take into consideration.

    Thanks for the comment and the link. Good stuff.

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