Localogs.com Updated

I didn’t have anything to write about here today, so I figured I’d do something first, and then write about it. How’s that for faking the creative juices?

I updated Localogs.com a little this evening. I finally added links to the tag cloud so that you could click on a word for a particular location and get the last few articles written by people within that locale with the clicked on keyword in the article.

*shakes head* That was a weird sentance. Let’s try again.

Localogs has been updated. You can now click on a word in the tag cloud and see a list of articles containing the keyword within a specified locale (state, city, or entire US). That’s better.

Even though I don’t have a lot of “inventory” for blogs yet (almost 80), I can see this being a somewhat useful service still. I did send a note to Technorati a while back telling them that they should implement something like this. I hadn’t gotten a reply, and until I do, or until I see them do something like this, I’ll keep plugging away at it. The nice thing is I don’t really have to wait for other people to claim their blogs. I can just enter them myself if I want more inventory.

Oh, and I’m now working at EVDB, which is the company which runs eventful.com. I’ll post more about their coolness factor in a few days as I learn more.

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